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 He  finalizado mi viaje a Turquía ,para transplante capilar. .

Mi más sincero  agradecimiento al director de la clínica Mr Turner . Para  que una empresa funcione y tenga exito lo  principal ,es que su director sea muy buena persona,  entre otras cosas y Mr Turner lo es,  a mi  me lo ha demostrado     (el trato que me ha dado durante mi extancia ha sido personalizado VIP).

También quería agradecer la ayuda a Javier , sino hubiera sido por el, no hubiera ido y lo digo de corazón , porque antes de venir  desde barcelona ,cogi algo de miedo, ir a  otro país que desconoces y salir de zona de confort,            a veces cuesta (gracias javier por todo el seguimiento realizado durante todos los días ) hoy no tendría pelo,  sino es por ti 😃😃.

Agradecimientos también al doctor Dr.Ozge Ergun, una eminencia en este campo ( sabe lo que hace ) Trató súper amable .

Agradecimientos para Fernanda la coordinadora , fue mi sombra 🙂 y me ayudó mucho ( super simpatica y gran persona )

Al equipo de enfermeras del hospital , súper buenas enfermeras se nota que son maestras en la materia , me quedé alucinado en cómo dominan cirugía . A Susana enfermera madrileña súper simpática y gran viajera ( tengas suerte en todo amiga )

También agradecer el trabajo de los choferes de la empresa ,súper amables , te llevan a todos los sitios sin tener que preocuparte de nada .

También agradecer al hotel BUSINESS LFE , el trato que me han dado durante la estancia .

Muy buenos desayunos , trato muy cortes y atento de los camareros , buena carta para comer y cenar ( recomiendo el pescado ). 

En cuanto a la experiencia , lo mejor es ser valiente y vivirlo , porque merece la pena , conoces una nueva cultura , practicas algo de inglés , conoces gente súper buena y por supuesto te vas  muy diferente a cómo llegaste , en cuanto a físico y espiritualmente .

En mi caso me pusieron 3500 grafs para cubrir la entradas y me ha quedado fenómeno ( no tiene precio .) 

Perdonad si me dejo a alguien .

Suerte a todos amigos , vuestro trabajo nos hace  mas felices  y eso a veces no tiene precio .

Soy Andres


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Hey guys, I would like to share my hair transplantation experience. Just like the other second guy I was doing a lot of researches on internet, could not decide between the clinics, because of price differences and etc. and finally I made up my mind and decided to go forward with NewAge Clinic. I had my hair transplant, and for that procedure my surgeon was Dr. Ozge Ergun. Before coming to Istanbul I was in touch with General Manager, He explained to me the surgery process and answered all of the questions I worried about. What I liked about the pre operative steps is all was super organised. When I arrived, the driver met me in the entrance of the airport, took to to hotel, then I talked to Taner (G.M.) on the phone, he told me at what time I should be ready. On the next day, the day of my surgery, the driver met me in the lobby, took me to the clinic where I met NewAge Clinic Team. The clinic is very nice, very modern, has an incredible view of the Bosporus and you can see the Asian side from the window. Me as a very normal guy took a selfie :). They provided me pre operative instructions and papers with FUE Procedure description, as soon as Im done I started having the consultation with my Surgeon (He speaks english), I had physical examination, he checked my donor area, made the plan for my hair transplant, made drawings, asked about my expectation and told me how it will exactly be. After the consultation, the nurses (very friendly) started preparing me for the surgery, I changed my clothes, they took blood for test, shaved my head (only backside) and washed it properly. The the surgery began. Honestly had some little pain during the local anaesthesia, but after couple of minutes I fell absolutely nothing.



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“Hello i don’t usually write reviews unless i had a bad experience or a great experience! Arenamed is a highly experienced place for transplant if you’re thinking about it!! I have spent well over two years lookimg around and doubting the results and all that but then i went for arenammed because Ergun the guy who i contacted was very comfortable talking to and their pictures were outstanding!
Starting from the guy who picked me up at the airport he was very funny and had a genuine smile all the time on his face ! The hotel wasnt bad but its very close to the clinic and thats what you need when you finish the operation! Its a very caring team and young and they are all beautiful and passionate about their career ! The people who operated on me were Wogan and cristina I absolutely loved them they didnt get tired after 8 hours and they do care for the details ! First 10 mins were little painfull but no pain no gain! After that no pain! There was another doctor who opened the canals i forgot his name but hes great in what he does too! So your very lucky if you get them ! The best !! I didn’t expect to have a great results like this it looks very full ! Anyways thanks alot for taking alll the time i needed so i can look great and special thanks to Onur the guy who drove me to the airport and after the operation he is just LOVELY even though his english is little but language is nothing when you deal with a very warm and sweet people like him ! I honestly and strongly recommend this clinic to anyone who consider having a hair transplant ! Thank you again for making me happy again arenamed



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I had some drawbacks especially regarding how it will look afterwards, and in how many days I can be adapted back to my normal social life.
Thanks to my doctor he responded all my questions in detail and made me relax prior to operation.
Well for the people having the same questions in their mind here are some key notes from my operation;

– You feel some pain during anaesthesia because of injection but the rest of the operation was tottally painless.
– One of the most important things for me was the natural look of the hair line. And I can honestly say I am very satisfied. It is not a straight line, grefts placed randomly and asymethricaly. Front line is placed with very thins hair greft which they call ghost hair.

It is day 30 now and nearly all of the planted hair has fallen as expected. I say as expected because my doctor told me on weeks 2-4 fall of planted hair is normal. I am now waiting them to be back on week 10 to 12.

I have placed some photos of me and will add more later on when it begins growing.

I really recommend Ozge Ergun if you are willing to have this operation


United Kingdom